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Carpet Cleaning Canterbury

Why clean my carpets?

Clean CarpetsLike hoovering, dusting and cleaning the bathroom, carpet cleaning is an essential tool in the fight against household dirt and grime.

While it would be excessive to build it into your weekly cleaning routine it should be seen as an annual event.

The build up of dust, dirt, dead skin, food particles, hair and anything else that blows in to you home causes your carpets to look dull and dirty. They lodge themselves deep within the pile of your carpet and even the most meticulous of housekeepers can't get them out by vacuuming alone. Add children and pets to the equation and your carpet becomes a breeding ground for germ, fleas and all manner of nasties that can cause health problems and irritate respiratory diseases such as Asthma. If you could see into the pile on your carpet you would be horrified - you wouldn't let your kitchen bench get like that!

A once yearly 'Spring Clean' of your carpets ensures that they are as hygienic as possible; it flushes out all the grime and grit (and worse). It will give you the confidence to put your child down on the carpet without worry. It will give you the satisfaction of knowing that you have provided a safe and hygienic environment for your family.

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