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Professional Carpet Stain Removal Service

wine stain in carpet

As anyone will tell you it's very hard to remove a stain - any kind of stain -once it's settled. That little splash of tomato juice or grease that you didn't think of moving can become permanent, potentially ruining your carpet or upholstery. Leaving a permanent reminder of itself for all to see. Sometimes, if dealt with quickly stains can be easily treated or removed.

However if you have a stubborn stain that just won't go away, you need a stain removal expert get rid of those unsightly marks. As the stain removal professionals in Christchurch, Excellent Carpet Cleaning Services are on hand to help you beat those tough stains and get your carpet looking good as new.

All of our technicians at Excellent Carpet Cleaning Services, have Industry Training in Advanced Spot Removal and Stain Treatment. They carry with them the recommended treatments for all types of stains to provide professional carpet stain removal service.

Act quickly to stop the stain spreading or penetrating the carpet fibres. Scrape up solids with a spoon or palette knife, always working towards the centre of a spillage to prevent spreading the stain. Blot up liquids with a clean white cloth or paper towel. Call us as soon as possible to arrange treatment.

Most stains that are allowed to dry overnight will become more difficult to remove. This also applies to hot tea and especially coffee, as they become heat set. So whenever possible always deal with any stains as soon as they happen.

Visit our Stain Removal Tips page for free advice on getting rid of stains.