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Call us for a free quote - 0800 27 17 27

Flood Restoration & Recovery Services

Flooding has the potential to seriously damage your property, and the extent of the damage is often more than just what you can see. Your furniture and other essentials can become so extremely waterlogged, and the flood itself may bring a host of hazardous elements that may settle deep within your rugs, carpets, and upholstery.

Acting quickly is a priority if your home or business has been affected by flooding. At Excellent Carpet Cleaning Services, we provide professional and hassle-free flood restoration & recovery services. Our team is fast and responsive, and will address all your flooding concerns before they become more troublesome and expensive problems in the long run. Whether the flood has gone right through your home or place of work or if it is confined to a small area, taking immediate action will reduce the damage. Call us immediately on 0800 27 17 27.

We make it our priority to get to you as quickly as possible; we bring with us a high powered water extraction machine, blow drying and dehumidifying equipment, so that we can get to work immediately. Upon your instruction we will deal directly with your Insurance Company taking that hassle away from you.

If necessary we will lift the carpet to dry out the underlay, we carry moisture testing equipment and test the carpet regularly during the drying process, ensuring that underlay and carpets are completely dry before being relayed. We the clean and deodorize your carpets leaving them fresh and healthy.

It is impossible to price flood recovery; price will depend on a number of factors including the extent of flooding and water damage, the time taken for the surfaces to dry and the atmospheric conditions (air temperature etc.) Rest assured, we offer excellent value and we provide excellent flood restoration services. If your home or business has received damage from flooding or liquefaction, don't delay! Call our experts on 0800 27 17 27 and we'll send someone round to inspect the damage & give you a quote.